New Course: XPLUS Sponsors Learn & Earn on Earnathon

Earnathon announced some days ago it’s partnership cryptocurrency exchange X.PLUS.

The partnership will see both companies work together to grow the blockchain and cryptocurrency community globally through the learning system of earnathon. The learning campaign is sponsored by XPLUS.

Through this learning campaign, learners will be able to learn about crypto and about the XPLUS cryptocurrency trading platform and it’s services.

X.PLUS is sponsoring a course. Learners will be able to earn WKD tokens. For those who had taken the course in its first run, they will be able to take it again and earn.

The campaign is expected to commence on the 8AM UTC of February, 1st 2022 and will run for a period of 12 days for the first phase.

The second and final phase is expected to run over a period of 12 days also.

Learners will be able to earn Wakanda Inu WKD tokens which will be credited to their XPLUS exchange wallet.

Further announcements will be made in due time. But for now, learn and earn as Earnathon keeps on redefining learning.

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