Letter to the Earnathon Community

Letter to the Earnathon Community. Learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency and earn tokens on earnathon

Hi Earnathon Community,

Firstly we welcome every new Earnathon Community member and for everyone that has been with us since we launched, we appreciate you.

For some hours now, the Earnathon.com Platform has been put on maintenance. This was a conscious effort to help provide you our community members the best of service.

Since commencement of the platform operations, we have been receiving unprecedented traffic and user growth. This is something we are happy about. The purpose of Earnathon is moving on. While we have had issues along the way, we are and remain ever resolute in the achievement of our goals.

The Earnathon platform was put on maintenance some hours ago because it became imperative to give you quality and enduring service. Our platform is undergoing some changes; we are adding new things which will be visible in the coming weeks.

Withdrawal of Earnings

There have been lots of questions and emails concerning withdrawals of earnings. It’s imperative we handle them here. The mission of Earnathon is to give global exposure, awareness and adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. There have been users asking if they can withdrawal to their PayPal account. The answer is No for now. ENA is a cryptocurrency. Someday, there might be options of withdrawals through other payment methods, but for now, it is cryptocurrency.

We are happy that users are asking of non-cryptocurrency withdrawals. This is because we are reaching out to people who are new to blockchain and cryptocurrency and onboarding them to the industry.

For now, withdrawals are still disabled. But expect amazing news coming soon.

New Courses

We understand and appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to see the Earnathon product grow. This is why we’re coming up with new courses that will enable users of Earnathon earn more cryptocurrency as they learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency and projects/firms in the industry.

Expect amazing news coming soon. Sign up on Earnathon here

About Earnathon

Earnathon is a learn and earn platform empowering individuals to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency through learning about technology and earning crypto tokens

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