Community Update: New Course & KYC

Hi Earnathon Community,

It’s been a while we published but better late than never as the saying goes. Firstly, we want to thank and appreciate you all for your patience and continued support for the vision of Earnathon.

We also acknowledge the long silence you’ve gotten from us. Many of these reasons will be discussed in a subsequent letter.

In the past months, we announced several partners who will join us in taking cryptocurrency education to millions of people across the world. We also revealed new courses will be coming up soon as well as our KYC.

Today, we are happy to announce that the second Course on Earnathon is going live next week. Some weeks ago, we made a publication on Twitter and Facebook saying the three first guesses will win 5 ENA tokens. In total, 5 people won across the two social media platforms. They are expected to follow the instructions on the post to receive their rewards.

New Course

Learning is not enough, we must apply, this famous line remains ever relevant and resonates with the vision of Earnathon. We believe applying lessons is crucial in the entire learning process, this is why we’re happy to announce our new course from our partner, Xend Finance.

Xend Finance is a DeFi platform built to help users save in stable currencies and earn compound interest & high yield on their savings. Xend Finance brings the tools of traditional finance to DeFi, giving people the platform to access the vast financial opportunities in the fast growing crypto industry. Credit Unions and Cooperatives Societies are able to tap into this growing market to generate higher returns on their savings compared to traditional finance. Go-to Xend Finance now.

On Earnathon, users will also be able to learn about DeFi and earn Xend Tokens by answering short quizzes. Sign-up today


We’ve deployed our account verification system. We reported earlier that the reason for this was to prevent cheaters from gaming the system. We also said it will be a noninvasive process. Complete your KYC here under Privacy Information.

You must have noticed some little changes we have made on our platform. We have more good news coming soon, and a letter from our CEO talking about all we’ve been up-to. Stay with us. You are precious to us.

About Earnathon

Earnathon’s learn and earn platform is empowering people with the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as the financial resources to apply the acquired knowledge.

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