A Letter to the Earnathon Community 3

Hi Earnathon Community,

It is officially two months we launched the Earnathon Platform. It has been an exciting journey building this product of our dreams. There have been challenges along the way and it has been quite formidable yet, we have continued to move on one block at a time.

Before we continue, it is imperative we wish you a beautiful April and may all your desires come true.

The past weeks have been filled with so many activities and we have been making them known bit by bits.

In our last letter, we mentioned several things such as New Courses, Withdrawals etc. We also updated our website with our roadmap. This sadly we were not able to meet up with. We promised a new course will be added in March, but we were not able to. We also said we will list on an exchange. This also we were not able to do. The reason for this were spelt out in our previous letter, however, for reminders, we should state it here.

For weeks since we launched, we had experienced unprecedented traffic onto our platform. This was the type of traffic we didn’t expect at the initial time of launch. For some days, we were experiencing an average of 10,000 new signups. This was beautiful but it also came with its own challenges. This influx means we needed to improve on a lot of thing on our platform.

We needed to strengthen a lot of things. The influx was great such that some of our third party tools had to disable their service to us. This was a setback we had to quickly take care of. Some of you noticed we had delays in emails getting to users. This was one of the challenges.

Due to these challenges, we had to push back our New Course so as to stabilize our platform to accommodate the influx of users we are to onboard. Remember, we have to goal of bringing crypto education to 1 billion people by 2050.

We also reported in our last letter that our codes were undergoing audit. This was as started earlier to avoid avoidable challenges once our token goes live.

Enough of these past talks, what do we have in store for the month of April?

We have been working behind the scenes to do a lot of things and the time of unveiling has come. In the month of April, you should expect:

  • At least a new course — We have been in talks with several partners and our platform is relatively stable to accommodate more users
  • Token Withdrawals — Our code audit will be completed this within the next week.
  • KYC — KYC will be implemented to separate cheaters from real users.

We have intentionally left one update out of this letter. Can you guess it?

A member of our community named Dayo few days ago referred to members of the Earnathon Community has Earnathonians. Do you think that’s an appropriate name? Share your comments here.

It’s imperative to also state that as at the 31st of March, 2021, application for the Earnathon Country Ambassadorship Program has ended. If you are still interested, please wait for the next opportunity to apply.

Please stay tuned for more information.

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